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Child Frontiers and Covid-19

Our team is committed to supporting our partners to protect children around the world.We will strive to respond to the needs of children and their families, recognizing and adapting to the new working realities of our partners in this unprecedented situation.











All this at a time when social workers, psychologists, care assistants, law enforcement and many other service providers are, despite their best efforts, unable to respond as previously to children’s needs. 













We recognize that our development partners and colleagues, both national and international, are affected personally and professionally by Covid-19, just like everyone else. Our teams will be as flexible as possible in our support and are committed to finding solutions with you.  

Child Frontiers offers a range of services adapted to the new environment

For more than a decade, our teams have worked remotely and we are equipped to manage the challenges that arise when face-to-face meetings are not possible.


Over the past weeks, Child Frontiers has adapted its working modalities to ensure that we can continue to provide dynamic, high-quality services to governments and development partners working for the welfare and protection of children.


Working alongside, guiding and assisting national teams and local partners, Child Frontiers offers remote support and is able to actively:

  • Support partners to understand the impact of Covid-19 on their social service workforces and the implications for specialised children’s services. This includes providing technical assistance to reorient service delivery and programmes, as well as guiding and mentoring national and international child welfare agencies in thinking through child protection issues in relation to Covid-19. Example: Learning from the social service response in Malaysia

  • Draft guidance and technical briefs for protecting children during the pandemic.


  • Technical briefs on harmful practices in Covid-19  This briefing paper was developed by a Child Frontiers team in collaboration with UNICEF Headquarters. It explores the nature and reasons why children and adolescents are at greater risk in pandemics such as Covid-19, especially harmful traditional practices. 

  • Prioritizing support to kinship care in responses to Covid-19  This short paper developed by Child Frontiers for Family for Every Child argues that a failure to prioritize support to kinship care during COVID-19 will exacerbate the risks that girls and boys face, and lead to poorly targeted and consequently ineffective strategies to prevent and mitigate the effects of the virus.

  • Continue remote facilitation of national policy dialogue, global consultations and reviews.


  • Remote but interactive support to the Government of Myanmar to draft its national Child Protection Policy.

  • Remote facilitation of a global consultation for UNICEF on children associated with armed forces and armed groups (CAAFAG).

  • Remote technical assistance to UNICEF Lebanon to respond to Covid-19 and a rapidly changing environment

  • Help agencies to meaningfully – but ethically - explore and integrate children’s experiences of Covid-19 and its impact on their wellbeing and protection. We can achieve this through the design and use of robust yet engaging research methods that capture the realities of their lives and those of their families. We provide remote support for data analysis, reflection processes and action-planning.   

  • Promote adaptive programming and assisting partners through experimentation and learning, supported by rigorous developmental evaluation methodology. We include reflective practice to ensure programmes and services adapt to children’s needs in a changed and evolving environment.  

For further information or Covid-19 related resources

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Covid-19 is impacting fundamental aspects of life in virtually every society. Around the world, community and family life has been significantly disrupted.

Child Frontiers stands in solidarity with all working to protect children

Despite the current challenges, this crisis is an opportunity to think about child protection in new and creative ways.

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