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Child protection in the words of the Child Frontiers team

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Understanding the Bondo

Emma de Vise-Lewis writes about a fascinating research on an age-old initiation rite for teenage girls in Sierra Leone. 

Child Frontiers and Royal Roads University

Child Frontiers is developing a graduate certificate program with Royal Roads University.

Key Findings on Young Marriage, Parenthood and Divorce in Zambia

Oliver Mweemba, Gillian Mann and Nikki van der Gaag write about their recently completed research in Zambia.

From instrumentalist to gender transformative approaches to child marriage

Dr. Joachim Theis writes about supporting interventions that aim to bring about far-reaching structural changes and challenge deep-rooted gender inequality.

National stakeholders come together to design a Child Protection Policy for Myanmar

Yin Yin Han, Thanda Kyaw and Vimala Crispin write about supporting the development of a national child protection policy in Myanmar

Baba Watoto comes to the Community in Kenya

Ken Ondoro and Pia Vraalsen write that establishing trust is the most important ingredient in the Kenyan child protection system.


Young Marriage and Parenthood Study (YMAPS)

Gillian Mann writes about the conclusion of a 2.5 year study on understanding child marriage and parenthood to inform policies and programming globally. 

Protecting Children of Nomadic Groups in Botswana

Guy Thompstone  writes about assessing capacity gaps in the social service workforce in Botswana to prevent and respond to violence against children. 

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