Child Frontiers in Malaysia

2020 : [ UNICEF Malaysia ] : Social Service Workforce Strengthening

Child Frontiers is supporting the Government of Malaysia in an effort to strengthen the country’s social service workforce, an essential component of the child protection system, as part of a three-phased multiyear approach. The first phase will map the social welfare workforce, adapting Global Social Welfare Workforce Alliance (GSWWA) tools implemented in other ASEAN countries during the past year, (Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand etc.) to fit the Malaysian context. The second phase will develop a roadmap for the strengthening of the system to be presented to key stakeholders. The third phase will be the development of a competency framework and capacity building strategy, culminating in a regional forum on Social Work. The project will also include added components related to the Covid-19 crisis in an effort to understand how Malaysia’s social service systems are meeting the needs of the most vulnerable.

2020 : [ UNICEF Malaysia ] : Alternative Care and Children without Parental Care

Child Frontiers is partnering with UNICEF Malaysia through an EU-UNICEF program to strengthen national child protection systems by building capacity for alternative care and strengthening the protection of children without parental care and in institutions, including children affected by migration. The project includes a mapping of alternative care policies and programs as well as an assessment of selected service providers, with primary data collected through quantitative research in alternative care centers. Capacity building of relevant officers in the care sector is also included in the project scope. The results of the year-long program will be shared in a regional summit with participation from key stakeholders from the region that are also developing initiatives to protect children affected by migration within broader systems building, including Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia.

2018 : [ UNICEF Malaysia ] : Reform of the Malaysian Child Justice System

Child Frontiers is providing high-level technical support to assist the government of Malaysia in the reform of the child justice system via a year-long engagement with UNICEF Malaysia. Some of the objectives include: technical and strategic support to a multiagency taskforce on diversion in planning and implementation of the diversion pilot, including development of inter-agency SOPs; design of tools for monitoring the child sexual offences court, including a client satisfaction survey for parents and child victims / witnesses; assisting the Bar Council in developing a handbook for lawyers on representing children; supporting review and amendment of child protection laws; and facilitating workshops on adoption to build awareness on the international standards, laws and best practices.

2017 : [ UNICEF Malaysia ] : Survey of Stakeholder’s Knowledge of Child Abuse

Child Frontiers partnered with UNICEF Malaysia to conduct a survey of stakeholder’s knowledge of child abuse and neglect and their roles and obligations to prevent and respond. The purpose of this national survey was to inform and support implementation of the 2016-2020 Child Protection Action Plan, which includes Enhanced Child and Adolescents Wellbeing as a programmatic pillar. Key outputs under this programme area included increasing the knowledge and positive attitudes of duty bearers towards protecting children from harmful practices and discrimination, as well as increasing the capacity of Government and NGO service providers to provide comprehensive and well-coordinated services to children and families at risk of or victims of violence, abuse, exploitation and conflict with the law. The survey was designed to collect baseline data at the national, state and district levels on the percentage of duty bearers in target areas who have core knowledge of child protection risks and their obligations, as this data was not currently available. The Final Report of the Survey can be accessed HERE.

2013 : [ UNICEF EAPRO and World Vision ] : Regional Review and Analysis of Child Protection Systems in the EAP Region

UNICEF, in partnership with ECPAT International, ILO, Plan International, Save the Children and World Vision, is working to strengthen child protection systems across the EAP region through law, policy and program efforts at national and local levels. Child Frontiers, supporting an Inter-Agency Steering Committee to build on the growing body of research by these partners, conducted a desk review and analysis of formal and informal, national and sub-national, CP systems in the region, with a focus on analysing information from existing child protection system mapping reports. The review and analysis of the mappings and assessments can be viewed HERE.

2011 : [ UNICEF EAPRO] : Mapping and Assessment of Child and Family Welfare Systems in Southeast Asia

From 2009 to 2011, Child Frontiers supported several UNICEF Country Offices in Southeast Asia to conduct assessments of their national child and family welfare systems. These studies were conducted following the implementation of the UNICEF East Asia and Pacific regional strategy and were closely aligned to the toolkit developed to conceptualize and build national protection systems. The overall objective was to provide government ministries and agencies responsible for child and family welfare with a snapshot of the status and functioning of their evolving systems, enabling them to steer their planning and resources towards a more comprehensive and functional model. The final reports for the respective countries studied can be downloaded at the following links: INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, TIMOR-LESTE, LAO PDR.

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