Child Frontiers in Senegal

2020: [ UNICEF HQ and WCARO ] : Global Workshop on CAAFAG

Child Frontiers is providing technical support for the conceptualization and facilitation of a workshop in March 2020 in Dakar, Senegal, of UNICEF practitioners from HQ, Regional and Country levels from several regions to engage in strategic consultations on the way forward for UNICEF’s programming for Children Affected with Armed Forces and Groups (CAAFAG). This consultation will support the development of a consultation outcome document that should be used as the foundations of Theory of Change & Results Framework, elements of Monitoring and Evaluation, and Global Program for Child Reintegration. The workshop will involve small group work and reflections as well as opportunities for presentation of good practices and lessons learned on the questions presented.

2015 : [ UNICEF West and Central Africa ] : Review of Policies and Plans of Action

Child Frontiers conducted the first ever review and analysis of the existing policy environment for child protection in the twenty-four West and Central African countries. This involved an assessment of the processes undertaken across the region for policy development, as well as reflection on the status, quality, relevance and viability of those policies and plans of action. The review documented learning from the past five years of interventions for the development of child protection policies and national plans of action, factors that determined the strategic decisions and the contexts in which they were made, as well as the nature and status of the resulting policy and planning frameworks. Access the Country Briefs and Final Report.

2012 : [ Save the Children ] : Paper on Alternative Care in Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa

Child Frontiers produced a background paper on the Situation of Family Support Services and Alternative Care in Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa for Save the Children UK, in preparation for the Conference on Family Strengthening and Alternative Care, held March 2012 in Dakar, Senegal. The final paper can be found in ENGLISH and in FRENCH.

2011 : [ UNICEF West Africa ] : Mapping and Assessment of Child Protection Systems

Child Frontiers was involved in a two-year collaboration with a consortium of international agencies (Save the Children Sweden and Finland, Plan International and UNICEF WCA) to map and assess child protection systems in five countries in West Africa. This program of study represented a significant departure from previous national mapping initiatives in that informal, family and community practices for child protection were studied in relation to formal national protection systems and services. With an understanding of how and why formal child protection systems function in relation to informal, community-based practices, country specific recommendations for reform were shaped. The final reports for the respective countries can be downloaded at the following links: COTE D'IVOIRE, GHANA, NIGER, SENEGAL, SIERRA LEONE and the 5-COUNTRY ANALYSIS The West Africa Research Manual is available in both ENGLISH and FRENCH.

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