Research on CSEC in Tourism in Phuket

February 7, 2018

Child Frontiers is leading the coordination and production of a quality assessment on the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism in Phuket by providing an in-depth analysis of the magnitude, nature, context and trends of sexual exploitation of children - identifying attitudes, risks and stakeholders, including children (mainly girls, but also boys) at risk and victims, as well as opportunities for prevention. This exercise is part of a multi-stakeholder initiative by ECPAT International and several global NGOs focusing on zero tolerance for sexual exploitation of children in tourism destinations in Mexico (Cancun) and Thailand (Phuket). In order to effectively and efficiently protect children from sexual exploitation, there must be an evidence-based understanding of the scale and manifestations of SECTT in Phuket. Design of the prevention and protection strategies for SECTT requires current and factual understanding of the local context and trends in the area.



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