Stakeholders' Knowledge of Child Abuse in Malaysia

February 7, 2018

Child Frontiers is partnering with UNICEF Malaysia to conduct a survey of stakeholder’s knowledge of child abuse and neglect and their roles and obligations to prevent and respond. The purpose of this national survey is to inform and support implementation of the 2016-2020 Child Protection Action Plan, which includes Enhanced Child and Adolescents Wellbeing as a programmatic pillar. Key outputs under this programme area include increasing the knowledge and positive attitudes of duty bearers towards protecting children from harmful practices and discrimination, as well as increasing the capacity of Government and NGO service providers to provide comprehensive and well-coordinated services to children and families at risk of or victims of violence, abuse, exploitation and conflict with the law. The survey will be designed to collect baseline data at the national, state and district levels on the percentage of duty bearers in target areas who have core knowledge of child protection risks and their obligations, as this data is not currently available.



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