Child Protection Systems Plans and Guidelines Development in Vanuatu, Kiribati and Nauru

September 28, 2018

Child Frontiers is providing technical assistance to selected Pacific Island Countries and Territories to strengthen their child protection policies and coordination frameworks. In Vanuatu, Child Frontiers is conducting a rapid assessment of existing child protection committees with a view to assessing whether these committees are fulfilling their intended functions adequately, sustainable and are the right mechanism to fulfil the intended functions. In Nauru and Kiribati, Child Frontiers is assisting the local governments develop their child protection policies and coordination frameworks. In Kiribati, Child Frontiers will also finalize its Child Protection in Schools policy. This technical assistance will be conducted through a review of documentation, a series of workshops across the island nations as well as consultations with key stakeholders. This exercise ties into UNICEF’s Multi-Country Program to strengthen the legal and policy framework, building capacity across social welfare, justice, police, health and education sectors, and promoting social behavior change.



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