WVI East Asia : EVAC Program Monitoring and Evaluation

September 28, 2018

Child Frontiers is reviewing WV East Asia’s four-year program End Violence Against Children in East Asia’s (EVAC EA) Monitoring and Evaluation approach and using the baseline data from EVAC countries (Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam) as a basis to develop specific analysis and regional review, highlighting trends and status of violence against children within the region. This regional report with country level data will provide a standardized baseline and a reference point for ongoing monitoring, reporting and endline evaluation. This study will also provide a basic framework to monitor and assess the progress and effectiveness during implementation. EVAC EA is the latest iteration of WV’s ongoing regional program in South East Asia that began with the Mekong Delta Regional Trafficking Strategy (MDRTS) (2007-2010), which was then followed by End Trafficking in Persons (ETIP) (2011-2016).



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