WVI : Recruitment and use of children in armed conflict

September 28, 2018

Child Frontiers is supporting World Vision International in a research to look at the experiences of children and young people in terms of what has led them to join armed groups as well as what has kept them safe from being recruited. The research will review best practices to prevent child recruitment especially those focused on building children’s resilience, taking account of the perceptions of various stakeholders, including children, parents, community leaders and child protection actors. The research will draw parallels between the interventions aimed at keeping children from recruitment with those aimed at keeping children safe from other forms of violence in fragile and conflict affected areas. Data for the research will come from fieldwork in Central African Republic and Colombia, as well as three case studies focused on the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The findings will be synthesised into a global report, with recommendations that can be tailored to policy and public audiences in different countries.



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