Integrated Child Welfare Program Evaluation in Indonesia

October 6, 2018

Child Frontiers, in partnership with IOD Parc and Migunani (an Indonesian research institute), is conducting a formative evaluation of Government of Indonesia’s Ministry of Social Affairs’ Integrated Child Welfare Program (Program Kesejahteraan Sosial Anak Integratif, PKSAI). The PKSAI model strives to address complex challenges related to policy implementation, service delivery and decentralization. As such, learning generated from this assessment will be valuable for child protection actors in the region and globally. Its results and recommendations will inform the Government of Indonesia, particularly MOSA, about the achievements and challenges experienced during the piloting of the service model since its 2015 initiation and guide the strategy for scaling up from 5 to 100 districts/cities in 2018 and to an additional 100 districts/cities in 2019. This rapid expansion of a service reform model is yet to be evaluated in the Indonesian context and merits immediate and comprehensive analysis. The evaluation will capture learning and identify necessary adjustments to ensure that the considerable resource investment renders optimal welfare and protection outcomes for children across the country. Data collection for this evaluation will take place in Jakarta, East Java and Sulawesi.



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