Evaluation of the Community-based Child Protection Services in Response to the Syria Refugee Crisis in Turkey

November 29, 2018

Child Frontiers is partnering with IOD Parc and Turkey-based research specialists INGEV in an evaluation that will assess the community-based child protection (CBCP) services program that UNICEF has been implementing in partnership with various NGOs in response to the Syria refugee crisis in Turkey, which is home to the world’s largest refugee population. The program is outlined in a theory of change and other programmatic documents developed by UNICEF in Turkey. The Psycho-Social Support component of the program is also aligned with the UNICEF’s Community-based PSS Theory of Change4. The main purpose of the CBCP program is to strengthen the care and protective environment for refugee children and families by facilitating their access to a range of child protection services delivered through a network of partner NGOs. The partnership proposes a highly participatory theory-based evaluation using context-sensitive methodology.



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