Assessment and strategy VACW response services in refugee and host communities

December 17, 2018

Child Frontiers is conducting an assessment and strategy to address barriers to accessing Violence against children and women (VACW) response services in refugee and host communities in the Afar, Tigray, Somali, Benishangil Gumuz and Gambella regions in Ethiopia. The objectives of this project are to understand the barriers that girls, boys and women in refugee and host communities face in relation to help-seeking behavior and access to services for violence, child marriage and FGM; and to design an evidence-based strategy to address these barriers, utilizing behavior change communication approaches as appropriate. The Government of Ethiopia and UNICEF are committed to addressing violence against children and women and strengthening access to services by refugees and host communities, as evidenced in the Growth and Transformation Plan II, the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework adopted in 2017 and UNICEF’s Building Self-Reliance Programme.



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