Technical support in implementing the roadmap for alternative care in Lebanon

December 22, 2018

Child Frontiers is providing technical support and advice to the UNICEF Lebanon Country office around strengthening family-based care and alternative care especially non-institutional alternatives in its support of the Ministry of Social Affairs/Juvenile Protection Division (MOSA). The scope of work includes compiling best practices, community care and other alternative care models from UNICEF networks and partners on alternative care as per the scoping study also conducted by Child Frontiers in Lebanon in 2017. The current work will also include a budgeted action plan, capacity building and implementation of the action plan including a review of tools and development of new tools, standards and guidance on the establishment of different care models for children deprived from appropriate family care. Child Frontiers will continue to work closely with MOSA and other statutory actors in strengthening institutional capacities and supporting the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation network within MOSA to ensure oversight and quality assurance in the implementation plan.



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