Evaluation of Child Protection Centres in Kenya

December 27, 2018

Child Frontiers is conducting a formative evaluation of Child Protection Centres (CPC) to prevention of and response to violence, abuse and exploitation of children in Kenya. A CPC is a community resource centre that offers comprehensive child prevention and response services for children and their families who are in need of care and protection at the county level. This evaluation will cover one-stop service points piloted in four counties (Malindi, Garissa, Mombasa and Nairobi); and aims at identifying the strengths and weaknesses as well as gaps of the model including its community outreach component when it comes to preventing and responding to violence against children. The evaluation will be based on standard DAC criteria, which is being done to inform the UNICEF implementation of the new Country Program Document (CPD); and it will feed into the 2019 mid-year review and the 2020 CPD mid-term review. It is expected that the evaluation outcome will be a set of forward-looking conclusions and actionable recommendations for strengthening the government-led child protection service provision as well as the community-based outreach of the CPCs as an integral part of child protection systems in Kenya.



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