Child Protection Systems Assessment, Strengthening and Social Welfare Workforce Development in Lao PDR

February 12, 2019

Child Frontiers is undertaking an assessment and system strengthening initiative with UNICEF Lao PDR and the Ministry of Labor & Social Welfare to assess the current status of child protection in Laos. Evidence generated from the assessment will be used by a National Working Committee to formulate a vision for child protection system strengthening, including development of the social work workforce. Key objectives include updating and expanding knowledge of the current child protection system; identifying capacity gaps and areas for improvement; as well as elaborating a vision and contextually appropriate plan of action for strengthening the current system. A social workforce development plan will be drafted based on the proposed vision and plan of action, along with a system model to be piloted in one province. This project marks ten years of engagement between Child Frontiers and Lao PDR, since the initial mapping of the child protection system in 2009, study on commercial sexual exploitation of children conducted in 2011, the child protection evaluation with Plan Lao PDR in 2013, comprehensive assessment of the child and family welfare system with UNICEF and MOLSW in 2013 and adoption decree capacity building and training in 2015..



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