Child Protection Baseline Research in Tuvalu

March 14, 2019

Child Frontiers is collecting baseline quantitative and qualitative information on child protection issues and responses in Tuvalu. The results of the survey will be used by the Government of Tuvalu, UNICEF and DFAT (the main donor), to plan interventions aiming at reducing the prevalence of child protection issues and at strengthening child protection systems, and to measure progress over time. In particular, it will be used to finalize and monitor the implementation of the five-year national multi-sector multi-actor costed national child protection plan of action to be elaborated to implement the Child Protection Bill expected to be passed in 2019. The research will also inform the 2019 mid-year and end-year joint Government-UNICEF work plan revision, as well as subsequent workplans; and serve as an awareness-raising and capacity building exercise, to promote networking and collaboration among government entities in charge of social welfare, justice, police, health and education, as well as national statistics, planning and finance.



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