Review of the Child Protection Response to Central Sulawesi Disaster

May 31, 2019

Child Frontiers is conducting a technical review of UNICEF’s Child Protection response following the 7.4 magnitude earthquake  and subsequent tsunami in central Sulawesi in September 2018.  The tsunami is estimated to have affected approximately 1.5 million people, including an estimated 525,000 children. The purpose of the review is to strengthen child protection programming in the context of emergencies in Indonesia, drawing lessons and recommendations that will influence ongoing and future programmes. The review is intended to inform UNICEF's and the Government of Indonesia's preparedness, planning and response to child protection in disaster settings,  including the policy framework, capacity development strategy and provision of technical guidance. The review will also complement the ongoing evaluation of the integrated child welfare services model (PKSAI) with MOSA, currently being conducted by Child Frontiers.



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