Social Service Workforce and Capacity Gap Assessment in Botswana

August 5, 2019

Child Frontiers is supporting the Government of Botswana on a mapping exercise to assess the capacity of the social service workforce (SSW), that will build on the SSW baseline study which was done by UNICEF in 2018, to identify strengths and gaps, assist country-level action plans towards strengthening the skills of the SSW delivery system and establish mechanisms for long-term support. There is a recognition that there are not nearly enough social workers to meet the growing needs of women and children affected by violence, poverty, or vulnerability, there is also a need for more clarity on the type of investment that must be made in the SSW to achieve the role set for them and how their positions can be rationalized for optimum performance of their roles. The assignment will provide an overview of the context for workforce planning, development, training, and support.



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