Assessment of Tanzania's Social Service Workforce to Inform Future Investment in Human Resources

September 5, 2019

Child Frontiers is conducting a comprehensive assessment of the social service workforce in mainland Tanzania. Although it is recognised that there are not enough frontline service providers to meet the growing needs of women and children affected by violence, poverty or vulnerability, there is no real understanding of the type of investment that should be made in the social service workforce.   The Government of Tanzania, with support from UNICEF, has initiated this assessment to address the gaps between the status of the social service workforce relative to the requirements to achieve the national vision, policies,  strategies and programmes. This assessment will inform efforts to improve the adequacy, coherence, effectiveness and efficiency of Tanzania’s social workforce cadre, enabling effective delivery of programmes and services in child protection as well as social protection. Primary and secondary data from 26 regions in the country and  local government authorities will be collected and analysed as part of this groundbreaking exercise.



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