After-Care and Reintegration Programs for Children and Women in Jordan

April 29, 2020

Child Frontiers is supporting the Ministry of Social Development (MOSD) of the Kingdom of Jordan to develop and institutionalize aftercare and reintegration policies and programs within MOSD Case Management services for girls, boys and women survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV), for children of deprived parental care and for children in conflict with the law. Data collected through the Gender Based Violence Information Management System confirms that women and girls in Jordan (including refugees from Syria) are affected by GBV, including rape, domestic violence and forced and early marriage. The project reviews literature surrounding the process of reintegration, highlights advocacy and gaps that need further strengthening; develops guidelines, procedures, protocols and SOPs for their implementation; conducts training workshops for designated core team from MOSD and other relevant stakeholders; and supports MOSD in establishing peer-to-peer support groups among care leavers and their families.



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