Situational Analysis on Child Welfare and Protection in China

April 29, 2020

Child Frontiers is supporting Ai You Foundation, in sharpening the objectives of its child welfare program and strengthening its team capacity. The first phase of engagement in 2019 highlighted the need for evidence to be generated in order fill in the gaps identified in its programming objectives, which leads to the current phase of a Situational Analysis of child protection and welfare in the provinces in China where AYF works. Information generated through the situational analysis will form a vantage point from which to take informed positions, elaborate strategies and identify priorities based on data. This will allow AYF to explain and present child welfare issues and its programs to stakeholders, potential funders, the media and the public in a clear, credible and accurate way. Child Frontiers will train the Child Welfare program research team to collect program data, provide technical support and oversight, and help build in-house capacity and knowledge of the program context. Once the key issues have been identified, Child Frontiers will explore and analyze these with the team through interviews and meetings to identify the criteria that AYF will use to select the most appropriate issues.



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