Change Management Process with UNICEF Malawi

July 13, 2020

Child Frontiers is leading a developmental evaluation to support a change management process within the UNICEF Malawi Country Office, with the purpose of bringing evaluative thinking, logic, and tools to support innovation and adaptive management. This process follows a completed first phase which resulted in a draft theory of change that presented a pathway to the goal of structurally facilitated integration, and buy-in from relevant stakeholders. This second phase facilitates continuous learning and rapid real-time feedback to accompany the change process by working with Country Office staff over an 18-month period, and may prompt course correction along the way. Although the developmental evaluation is largely internally focused on the Country Office, it also examines and considers the influences and effects of Government and development partners on the change management process, and may result in a new model of ‘structurally facilitated integration’ that can better equip UNICEF and its partners deliver results for children.



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