Social Service Workforce Assessment and Social Work Law in Myanmar

July 13, 2020

Child Frontiers is conducting an assessment of the social service workforce in Myanmar, and based on the outcome of the assessment, develop a realistic framework and strategy on developing, planning and strengthening the social service workforce. Child Frontiers will also draft a Myanmar Social Work Law. Social work remains unrecognized by the State and the social service workforce in Myanmar is currently rudimentary, comprising government social workers, NGO social workers and community-based volunteers. The Government of Myanmar adopted a national social protection strategy in 2015, which established the first ever National Social Work Case Management system, and underscored the need for 6,000 social work case managers across 330 townships. The Government has demonstrated a strong signal of political commitment to social work and social welfare services, and deems it urgent to map and assess social service workforce in Myanmar, develop relevant national policy and legal frameworks and strategies.



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