2020 : [ UNICEF Timor-Leste ] : Developing and Integrating a Covid-19 Training Module

Child Frontiers is developing a training module on child protection in the COVID-19 context, as complementary material to the existing training curriculum for the Social Welfare Workforce (SWW), implemented in Timor-Leste by the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion (MSSI) with the support of UNICEF.

2019 : [ Ai You Foundation ] : Child Welfare and Protection Training Workshop

Ai You Foundation, one of the largest private foundations in China engaged in child welfare and venture philanthropy, has contracted Child Frontiers to design and facilitate a capacity building workshop for their child welfare team to share and analyse the history, latest knowledge and international evidence around child welfare and protection, as well as approaches that have proven useful in different contexts. The Beijing workshop will be designed to strengthen Ai You’s child welfare programming as well as begin working with frontline staff and senior management to strategically assess the Foundation’s current role and potential future contributions to child welfare and protection both in China and internationally.

2019 : [ Family for Every Child ] : Research training and toolkit

Child Frontiers facilitated a research training in July 2019, for Family for Every Child’s Alliance Program Team on the topics of how to tell when research is the best approach to a problem and choosing a research focus, methods and types of primary research (possibly including participatory research and action research which are expressed interests of participants) and qualitative analysis. Child Frontiers will also provide technical advice on a research toolkit to provide a guide for staff, consultants and members on how to design, manage and contribute to research projects conducted by the Family for Every Child alliance and; compile Family for Every Child’s associated tools.

2019 : [ UNICEF Viet Nam ] : Capacity Building on Child Justice and Improving the Legal Framework for Child Protection

Child Frontiers is supporting the Government of Viet Nam to build the capacity of the justice sector to provide child-sensitive justice and to strengthen the legal framework for child justice and child protection.  This support, provided on an as-needed basis, includes: developing a training programme on child justice for Family and Juvenile Judges; providing legal advice on a proposed law on social work; technical guidance on the development of inter-agency protocols for dealing with cases of child abuse; and legal reviews on child labour, commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking.

2019 : [ UNICEF Timor Leste ] : Child and Family Welfare Development Phase 5 Training

​Child Frontiers is continuing the process to strengthen the child and family welfare system in Timor-Leste in the next phase of engagement with the Government of Timor-Leste and UNICEF. In 2011, Child Frontiers conducted the first national mapping of the child and family welfare system, followed by a lengthy process of facilitation to develop the Child and Family Welfare System Policy (2013). Child Frontiers then facilitated a series of consultations to operationalize the new policy in 2014. Between 2015-17, Child Frontiers facilitated the government’s program to pilot policy implementation in three municipalities (Dili, Oecusse and Viqueque) through reflective practices and capacity development of the social welfare workforce, as well as working at the national level to institutionalize the reform process. The current phase of work is essentially the culmination of all these efforts: Child Frontiers and Ba Futuru are working with the Ministry of Social Solidarity's (MSS) Technical Working Group (TWG) to complete the training component of Social Welfare Workforce Strengthening in the three pilot locations and to equip them to lead reflective practices in the municipalities, as well as helping MSS institutionalize the reform process. At the end of this period of work, it is envisioned that the Government of Timor-Leste will be ready to roll out implementation of the Child and Family Welfare Policy nationally, including capacity development for the social welfare workforce.

2015 : [ Save the Children China ] : Workshops on Child Protection Systems Strengthening

Building upon workshops held in Kathmandu in Nov 2014, Child Frontiers supported Save the Children China in strategically assessing and planning its child protection system development programme. Child Frontiers facilitators accompanied staff through a process of learning, reflection and reinterpretation of current approaches used for programming on child protection systems. This involved a critical review of current approaches in use in China and reflection on improving and adapting understanding of programmes aimed at system strengthening or development. The workshop concluded with a reflection on what approaches might be suited to the unique Chinese context. The presentations can be accessed here